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Ethiopian Cuisine
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Thin flaky dough crust stuffed with lentils, onions, ginger, and spices



Heavenly Spicy! Lightly griddle-toasted Injera gently basted with butter and berbere. It is something different.



One Jalapeno staffed with cooked tomato and onion


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Tomato Salad

Chopped tomatoes, onions, bell peppers in an olive oil and lemon dressing


Ethio Salata

Romaine lettuce, Chopped tomatoes, onions in an olive oil and lemon dressing



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All entrees include romaine salad and are served with your choice of rice or Injera (flat bread)
Split Pea
(Kik Alicha)

Split pea in Turmeric sauce with fresh garlic, ginger, basil, and selected herbs and spices.


Collard Greens (Gomen)

Collard greens mixed with onion and garlic


Mitten Shiro

Imported spiced chickpea flour deliciously seasoned & cooked with garlic


(Defin Miser Alcha Watt)

Lentils sauce simmered in turmeric, ginger, garlic, and red onion.


Cabbage with Carrots (Atakilt)

Cabbage, carrot, and potatoes sautéed with onion, flavored with ginger and garlic


Mushroom (Inguday) Tibbs

Sautéed mushrooms, onions, special sauce with a touch of chili pepper


Vegetarian Combination Platters

Five different vegetarian dishes (Miser, Kik, Atakilt, Gomen, & Fosolia)

 For One Person: $13.95

 For Two People: $23.95

Red Lentil
(Miser Watt)

Lively & Spicy legume. Split lentils in Berbere sauce simmered in basil, garlic, and red onion.



Carrots and greens beans simmered with onion and tomato.


Yetsom Enkulal

Chickpea seasoned with sautéed onion and jalapeño.


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Chicken Doro Watt

A traditional favorite: Fresh organic chicken thigh simmered in a delicious Berbere Sauce. Served with homemade cottage cheese.


Chicken Doro Alicha

Chicken simmered in onion, garlic, ginger, and purified butter.



Chicken Tibs

Boneless marinated chicken cubes sautéed with onions, jalapeño, fresh garlic and tomato. Served with salad



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All entrees include a choice of Gomen, Misser, or kik Alicha and are served with Rice or Injera (flat bread)
Beef Kaey or Alicha Watt

Beef cubes simmered in Ethiopian red pepper berbere/turmeric sauce, flavored with spices


Lamb Kaey

Lamb cubes and Shank cooked with minced red and yellow onion in Berbere sauce and garlic sauce.




Yequanta Firfir

An acquired taste. Ethiopian-style beef jerky simmered in buttery berbere sauce. Tossed with pieces of derkosh (dry teff injera)


Cubed Beef Tibbs

Extra lean cubes of beef marinated in our chef’s special sauce (Add $1.50 for awaze)


Steak Tartar Kitfo *

Ethiopian steak tartar – freshly minced extra lean beef, seasoned with Mitmita (spiced chili powder) – Traditionally served raw or medium rare. Served with Collard Greens and Cottage Cheese.


Vegetarian & Meat Combination Platters

Combo of 4 

For One Person:$15.95  

For Two People: $28.95

Combo of 6

For One Person: $16.95 

Two People: $34.95 

(Excluding All Fish, Doro Watt, kitfo, shiro, and all the Tibbs)

Cubed Lamb Tibbs

Extra lean cubes of lamb marinated in our chef’s special sauce (Add $1.50 for awaze)


Minchet Abish Kaey or Alicha Watt

Lean ground beef simmered to a very tasty sauce with Berbere/Turmeric, garlic and bishop weed.


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Shrimp Tibbs

Shrimp sautéed with lemon juice, onion, tomato, jalapeno, and fresh garlic.


Asa Kitfo

Ground fish mixed with diced onion, garlic, jalapeno, olive oil and mitmita powder.


Fried Fish

Whole fried fish with beans and rice.


Asa Goullash

Lightly fried chunked whiting fillet cooked with onion, tomato, and bereber.


Spanish Dishes
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Handmade Corn Tortilla stuffed with cheese (Queso), pork and cheese (Revueltas), refried beans and cheese (Frijol con Queso), and refried beans. Served with green cabbage marinated with apple cider vinegar, carrots and tomato sauce on top.


Tacos de Pollo/Grilled Chicken

Thinly sliced grilled chicken served with warm tortillas, fresh tomato, onion, and cilantro.



Lean ground beef or refried beans with crispy fried corn tortilla topped with onion, and tomato, sliced lettuce, and salsa.


Loroco Pupusas




Stuffed with Chicken and rice.



Tacos de Camarones/Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp served with warm tortillas, fresh tomato, onion, and cilantro.


Bistec Encebollado

Sautéed steak with onions. Served with Rice, beans, and tortillas.



Tacos Carne Asada de Res/Grilled Beef 

Thinly sliced grilled beef served with warm tortillas, fresh tomato, onion, and cilantro. (Add $1.00 Chicken)


Desayuno Chapin

Scrambled eggs, rice and beans with Tortilla bread.(can be made Huevos estrellados or Huevos Totrta


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Sopa De Res

Hearty beef soup with potato, carrots,   cabbage & seasonal Vegetables. Served with rice and three tortillas.


Pollo Frito



Carne Guisada 

Chunks of tender beef stew cooked in a delicious chef sauce. Served with three tortillas, rice and beans.



Fajita de Res/Beef ……$13.95

Fajita de Pollo/Chicken…$13.95

Fajita de Camarones/Shrimp….$14.95

Fajita de Tilapia y camarones/Shrimp….$16.99


Sopa De Gallina 

Chicken soup with vegetables and served with rice and three tortillas


Pescado Filete Frito


Pollo Guisada

Chicken stew cooked in a delicious chef sauce. Served with three tortillas, rice and beans and small salad.


Bistec Encebollado 

Sautéed steak with onions. Served with Rice, beans, and tortillas.



Créama,  queso, and guacamole ……$1.75

Sopa De Pescado

A combination of scallop, shrimp, mussel and clam soup with vegetables and served with rice and three tortillas


Mojarra Frita 

Whole fried fish served with bean, rice and tortillas.


Carne Asada

Delicious steak served with rice, beans and three tortillas.


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Lavazza Drip Coffee








Hot Chocolate


whip cream add $0.55





Suggested Coffee Flavorings
Caramel, Cinnamon, Coconut, Vanilla add $1.00
House Special Tea

Black tea brewed with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger



Chai Latte

Black tea brewed with a combination of cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves mixed with milk and sugar


Tea Blends 

Earl Gray, Ginger Lemon, Lemon, Chamomile,Chai Spice Green tea, Mint


Cold Drinks
Regular bottle water


Nantucket Orange Mango


Coke, Fanta, Sprite




Coconut Juice




Best Mango



Ginger Ale-Can


Gatorade & Powerade


Alcoholic Drinks
Honey Wine

Produced from honey and a form of hops called ‘Gesho”. No preservatives or artificial flavors added.

Glass: $5.95

Bottle: 12.95

Beer (Ethiopian)


Corona, Heineken, Modelo Negro